Kashmir Food Parcels

Kashmir Food Parcels

On 24th September, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck Eastern Pakistan. Over 400 people were injured and at least 40 people lost their lives. The death toll is sure to rise without intervention from aid agencies. Roads have been torn apart and hundreds of homes have been destroyed. The aftermath will claim many more lives due to food, water and medical supply shortages.

A £35 food parcel will consist of the following items:

Flour 20kg, Rice 5kg, Sugar 5kg, Tea 0.5kg, Ghee 5kg, Salt 1kg, Daal Chana 3kg, Daal Moti 3kg, Chilli 1kg, Soap 1 pack, Water 6 x 1.5L

This food parcel feeds a family of 6 for one month