Libya Medical Appeal

Libya Medical Appeal

The ongoing civil war in Libya has caused many deaths, injuries, and displaced persons. Many are going without food, clean water, and medication.

Crisis Aid is now working in Libya providing emergency medical intervention. In Murzuq and Ubari both located in south Libya there has been an outbreak of Scabies and Tuberculosis bronchi. Unfortunately, there is zero medication for these two illnesses in these hard to reach regions and already people have died from the treatable illnesses.

We aim to provide the medication for both scabies and Tuberculosis bronchi for 10,000 individuals in these two locations. We have the ability to deliver but we need your support. Be part of this project and donate now. You can save a life with just £20.00

£20.00 will provide medication for 12 people
£40.00 will provide medication for 24 people
£80.00 will provide medication for 48 people