Complaints Procedure

Crisis Aid is a registered charity in England and Wales (1157507)

Complaints Procedure

Crisis Aid strives to provide a high standard of service for all its donors, volunteers, helpers, and supporters. We believe that we are but a stepping-stone to enable your donations to reach the poor and needy around the world. The main driver of this charitable work is you.

Thus, we serve the public and take our responsibility seriously.

However, though we strive to minimise them, we will make mistakes, as is the nature of mankind. We need you to aid us, advise us and help us correct them in order to provide a better service for all.

You may contact us on [email protected] to register your concerns or complaints.
If you make a complaint within one month of an incident occurring then we will endeavour to reply within 14 days. If the matter requires more time we will write to you and let you know.

We aim to solve all complaints and disputes within 30 days.