Become a Corporate Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

An opportunity for businesses, charities and organisations to be aligned to Crisis Aid – a charity that is trusted and valued working around the world. Crisis Aid is considered as a well-known charity in the heart of Luton and the South East, with representation in different parts of the UK.

Working with Crisis Aid could raise your profile, increase your revenues, and gain you trust and value. All you need to do is support our projects for the poor and needy around the world.

Crisis Aid will promote your business to thousands of people around UK and the world through their website, networks, promotional videos, charity dinners, posters and other platforms.

Why become a corporate partner with Crisis Aid?

  • We are a trusted charity that is well known for being on the ground around the world delivering crucial aid to those in need.
  • Raise your profile by demonstrating your responsibility to help the poor and needy
  • To earn more income as our prophet (s) said, “ Give oh son of Adam and I will give you more.”
  • Enhance your brand through cause-related marketing (CRM) working with a trusted cause will bring you positive public relations.

If you would like to help improve the lives of thousands of children and families each year, please email us on [email protected] or call Crisis Aid office on 01582 211 066.

How you can support us as a corporate partner

Choose us as your ‘charity of the year’ or charity partner

These relationships are ideal for motivating employees as well as achieving your company’s corporate responsibility strategy aims. Crisis Aid can tailor ideas according to your business environment, whilst motivating and supporting staff members.

Involve your team in fundraising activities

Fundraising for charity provides excellent team-building opportunities and offers a unique way for staff to build on communication and organisation skills and take on new responsibilities. Crisis Aid has a number of events throughout the year for both individuals and teams and can provide fundraising ideas for our corporate partners.

Take part in a corporate challenge or event

An event in aid of Crisis Aid is a great way to build teamwork amongst staff, members, customers, clients or suppliers. We provide everything you need to plan your event and create excellent PR opportunities.

Donate gifts in kind for us to sell on

Crisis Aid relies on kind donations, as they are central to the running of the charity. Not only will you be supporting all our appeals and projects around the world but you’ll also be helping Crisis Aid get all the donations to where they need to go.

Offer staff the opportunity to volunteer with us

Volunteering with the Crisis Aid community has direct benefits not only for staff but also for your business. Crisis Aid has some exciting volunteering opportunities from traveling to cooking to basic warehouse work, sorting clothes and packing foods and much more. Crisis Aid can produce bespoke volunteering opportunities for small and large teams.

Sponsor one of our appeals, containers or events

Crisis Aid has various appeals to aid the poor and needy, which need sponsoring. There are opportunities like sponsoring a 40ft container full of aid to go to the poor and needy around the world. There are many other opportunities available for corporate sponsorship throughout the year, including our annual charity dinner. Tailored packages can be devised to suit your company.

Involve your corporate trust and foundations in our work

A company donation or monthly standing order will help us administer our life-saving projects around the world.

Offer us your skills and support

Use your skills, or the skills of your team, to help us to build our charity and increase the number of people we can help.

Set up payroll giving

Setting up payroll giving means your staff can give to a vital cause and make a real difference to the starving and needy around the world. Payroll giving is an easy way to support Crisis Aid vital work. Staff can decide to make a donation, direct from their salary, before they pay tax. This means that for every £5 donation, only £3.90 is taken from their pay – the taxman pays the rest.

• Download Standing Order Donation Form [PDF]