Rasing money for 2 water wells in Rohingya

£2,168 of £2,000 raised

In a blessed month where rewards are magnified, me and my little brother Adam have decided to raise money for 2 water wells. It’s costs just £1000 to provide 1 water well that will provide water for thousands of refugees and to help the less privileged community in Rohingya in places where water is difficult to reach.

We are now reaching towards the end of Ramadan so please donate generously as “charity does not in any way decrease your wealth” (Hadith 6264, Book 32, Muslim) We have decided to raise the money for the water wells on behalf of our beloved grandads, Adalat Khan and Mohammad Sadiq ibn Imadudeen رحمهما الله To the ones who have donated to this cause, I pray that you too will earn continuous rewards and I pray that Allāh ﷻ accepts your fasting, your good deeds, your standing in prayer and all your duas this Ramadan. آمين يا رب العالمين Your sister in Islam, Ansiah bint Nazir

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