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Abu Ibraheem’s fundraiser | Idlib Emergency Appeal

£3,964 of £4,000 raised

Brothers and sisters right now as you read this message there is a huge air raid in the countryside of Idlib and Western Aleppo.

Last night over 40 missiles hit one town alone

It’s no exaggeration when I say over 200,000 people have been on the move since the last 2/3 weeks looking for shelter in mountains, open lands, and others to shelter them.

Camps which are already overcrowded are taking in more people. But each family in these camps has to fend for themselves.

Crisis Aid team in Syria is out every day helping these people and we made the video below which you MUST watch.

We are able to help them. And I know you know this from seeing the work we have done over the years in Syria. But for emphasis, I wanted to say that .. without your help, we can’t help them

These people are living in the open with no shelter no food no blankets and very little to live on. Whatever they brought with them is now depleted.

They can’t go back to their homes as it’s been bombed and Asad troops are continuously firing on it.

We want to distribute tarpaulin/blankets / and food parcels

Please help these poor oppressed people in their hour of need and may Allah return this help to you in your hour of need Ameen

The Prophet (s) said “ it is more beloved to me that I fulfill my brothers need than do i’tikaf for one month in my masjid (An Nabawi)”

The Prophet (s) said “ indeed Allah is in the aid of his servant as long as he is in the aid of his brother”

Please please please make this message viral, share it with everyone

So we can say to Allah “oh Allah be witness we have done our duty towards our brethren in Syria “

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