Hearts of the Rohingya Muslims

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All praise be to Allah My story is a calling to the hearts of men. Starting from my own heart to reaching the hearts of the rohingya muslims and those prosecuted around the world. I’m your brother Atif Ali living in Birmingham, worked as a undertaker at a muslim funeral service company for about 4years and the one main thing I have realized is that hearts can be dead while man is still alive and breathing. Subhan’Allah.

This I had witnessed with my own eyes with the people I was working with in this field. I too had felt that my heart had become immune (hardened) by the job role given to me as a undertaker, continuously picking up and burying the dead.

Mountains of reward is given to the person who attends a funeral prayer and follows it up till the end of the burial.

Blessed was I to reap such rewards but the feeling of guilt after burying the dead then committing a sin few hours later was just killing my heart.

One day I had enough of the job role and I raised my hands in dua (supplication) asking Allah to replace my job role with a better one.

Alhumdulillah. I have now being given the opportunity to dedicate my time and effort towards charity and to reap great rewards just as I did when doing funerals but the beauty of this role is it expiates my sins just as water extinguishes fire. To fundraise for those in need such as the rohingya muslims who have gone through such trauma and distress these past years or so.

To be a eye witness of what circumstances they live in, to hear their stories and help distribute any aid, food and blankets as much as I can. This would not just be my first journey or last towards giving aid to those in need but it be a journey towards opening my heart and the hearts of the rohingya muslims to see that the ummah of our beloved prophet is as he said like ONE BODY.

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