Can I donate clothing, blankets or food to emergency appeals?

We only accept money donations for emergency appeals.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of emergency appeals, the best thing you can do is give monetary donations.

For emergency appeals, donating clothing or food doesn’t help those affected by disaster. Those affected have an urgent need for aid and the quickest way is by giving money so lifesaving supplies can be provided.


Donated items such as clothing and food need to be cleaned, sorted, and packed.

All of this takes time and costs money which leaves less money for the those that need emergency relief.

Providing Help Efficiently

Money donations can be transferred to disaster areas and where it’s needed. Lifesaving supplies can be purchased and distributed to those affected.

This helps to rebuild communities whilst also supporting the local traders and markets.

Making your donations go further

We buy and source goods locally. This is cost effective and supports the local people who make a living through selling goods.

Buying food/goods locally is about 5 times cheaper than buying In the UK and shipping abroad.

Donation accountability

Money donations given to Crisis Aid stay with us until we purchase the food where our partner organisations take over to distribute the aid. This ensures 100% of your money goes to where it is needed most.

Item donations

Crisis Aid sends aid containers to help those affected by disaster. We always appeal for items we require. These items tend to be food, clothing, blankets etc. This is the time we accept physical goods to send abroad.

We can also accept items which you would like us to sell and use the money where it is neded most.

How can I help with the emergency appeals?

You could organise a fund-raising event. This could be anything from a cake sale to a sponsored walk. We will help you in any way we can to make it easier for you. Please email us [email protected] or call us on 01582 211066 for further information.