What is Fidyah?

Those who are allowed to break the fast fall into one of two categories:

1. They break the fast and make Qadā (make up the days missed at a later stage).

2. Break the fast and do not make up the fast but instead give Fidyah in the form of staple food to the poor (not cash).

A person who is not able to fast and is of sound mind is commanded to pay Fidyah (recompense).

This Fidyah is to feed a poor person for each day missed with half a sā’ which is 1.2 kilograms of staple food (per day).

There is no Qadā (making up) of the fast.

This also applies to those who are permanently sick, and recovery is not expected ―so upon them, too, is Fidyah (compensation) that replaces the fast.

As for the one who is expected to recover from his illness, then he must make up the fasts (Qadā) that he has missed.

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