The Illegal Barrel Bombs in Syria:

Barrel bombs are illegally made and kill everybody without any discrimination. A barrel bomb can refer to any container stuffed with fuel, nails and pieces of steel that is commonly tossed out of a helicopter. These illegal barrel bombs in Syria are prohibited to use in warfare , however their simple and easy to make design implies they can be made to kill regular citizens without any discrimination. Portraying their utilization in Syria, the State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland depicted barrel bombs in 2012 as “horrible things aimlessly propelled … at aims with no concern about regular citizens.”

Assad has been broadly blamed for utilizing illegal barrel bombs in Syria:

“They’re called bombs. We have bombs, rockets and bullets,” Assad said among the special meeting with the BBC that disclosed his point of view. “There are no barrel bombs, we don’t have barrels. I haven’t known about the armed force utilizing barrels, or perhaps, cooking pots.” Jeremy Bowen, the veteran BBC writer who talked with Assad, portrayed this reaction as “careless” and said use of illegal barrel bombs in Syria is “the most deadly weapon in the war.” This view is shared by the U.S and its partners, noticing that only the Assad administration utilizes helicopters which are used for dropping illegal barrel bombs in Syria. “Every single day that the barrel-bombing of Aleppo proceeds with, the Assad administration helps the world to remember its real face,” as per the Secretary of United State John Kerry.

The U.N. requested the ban of illegal barrel bombs in Syria:

In a bill passed couple of years ago, the United Nations Security Council required an end to the utilization of illegal barrel bombs in Syria. The bill said the bombs “cause pointless damage or long-term damage” and required all meetings to “indicate regard for international human law.” However the extremist group Human Rights Watch said that the Syrian government had resisted this resolution. “By utilizing illegal barrel bombs in Syria on thickly populated regions, Syrian government powers are using the techniques for warfare that don’t distinguish regular citizens,” it said.

Illegal barrel bombs in Syria have killed a countless individuals:

Nearly 200,000 individuals have been killed in the five-year conflict between Assad’s law and rebels by in Syria. It is harder to pinpoint the correct number of individuals killed by illegal barrel bombs in Syria, yet rebel activists say it is in the thousands. Their utilization has been especially pervasive in rebel held territories of Aleppo and Damascus, U.S. special agent to the U.N. Samantha Power told the Security Council a month ago. The Assad administration has likewise been dropped “illegal barrel bombs in Syria on medical facilities as though they were military settlements,” said Terri Robl, U.S. Appointee Representative to the UN Economic and Social Council.

What is a Barrel Bomb and how is it utilized?

Barrel Bombs (BB) as utilized by the Syrian government are generally do-it-without anyone else’s help. These bombs are the huge containers loaded with explosives, fuel and e.g. metal parts dropped out of helicopters by the Syrian armed force. In the early parts of the conflict the illegal barrel bombs in Syria were for the most part dropped from low heights, hitting particular targets. In any case, since various groups in Syria have ready to battle helicopters with the utilization of manpads (Man Portable Air Defense System), practices has been changed and attacks by illegal barrel bombs in Syria were used on huge scale. Concerning about the utilization of Barrel Bombs it must be specified that there is propensity in Syria and in the media to call each bomb tossed from a helicopter a Barrel Bomb.

Who got most affected by the illegal barrel bombs in Syria?

Answer to the question who got most affected by illegal barrel bombs in Syria is straight forward. General population of Syria is affected at most by these illegal barrel bombs in Syria. These bombs do not discriminate among anybody and destroy the targeted location causing deaths of general population of Syria. Only condemning the use of illegal barrel bombs in Syria is not enough we have to adopt serious actions to stop the use of barrel bombs.

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