Israel killed Palestinian kids in 2018

No less than six individuals have been killed in Palestinian regions since the start of the year 2018, as indicated by a human rights watch.

On last Tuesday, 16-year-old Laith Abu Naim surrendered to his death after being shot by Israeli authorities. This little kid lived in a town on the boundary of Ramallah in the West Bank.

Laith is among five different kids who were executed because of the Israeli armed force’s utilization of power. It was indicated by Maha Abdullah, a human rights professional at Al-Haq. The other people who lost their lives were: Firas Al-Tamimi, 16, Amir Abd Al-Hamid Abu Musa’ed, 15, Ali Omar Qino, 17, Ahmad Abd Al-Jaber Salim, 28, Ahmad Ismail Jarrar, 31.

No less than 2,900 Palestinians have been injured since Trump’s statement was made on December 6, as per the Palestine Red Crescent Society. In excess of 500 individuals have additionally been captured by Israeli authorities over the Palestinian regions.

Israeli authorities frequently attack on homes over the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Forced arrests and shootings are usual in Palestine. This practice has uprooted a huge number of Palestinians.

This year, Palestinians will honor 70 years of the Nakba, the “day of disaster”, in which Israel was formally proclaimed a state, following the forced expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and the extinction of more than 500 towns.

Killing of Teenage Children:

Israeli authorities have killed a Palestinian teenager on the northern border of the captured West Bank town of Ramallah, as indicated by Palestinian authorities.

The Palestinian health services recognized the 17-year-old kid as Musab Firas al-Tamimi from the town of Deir Nitham, where Wednesday’s shooting occurred.

“He passed on soon after he was shot into his neck,” Maria Aqraa, a representative for the service, revealed to Al Jazeera.

“He was brought into a hospital in Ramallah and he passed away minutes after the arrival,” she included.

Aqraa said Musab was shot among an encounter with the Israeli armed force.

The world is simply quietly watching:

Musab was a kid from the Tamimi family, who live in the neighbouring town of Nabi Saleh.

The family has been troubled for a considerable length of time by the Israeli armed force which has kept and killed a few of them among week after week unarmed town challenges the robbery of their territories for the close-by illegal Jewish settlement, Halamish.

Musab’s dad, Firas, said the Israeli armed force has been provoking the occupants of the two towns throughout recent months.

He disclosed to Al Jazeera that Israeli troopers struck Deir Nitham at around 8am on Wednesday after which young men from the town went out to go up against them.

“The armed force has been assaulting both Deir Nitham and Nabi Saleh all the day. They come in, disturb the inhabitants, strike our homes during the evening and tossed bombs on the road. This has been our world consistently,” said Firas.

“We can’t simply stay silent and continue watching. Nobody is tuning in to us – nobody feels the pain that we’re experiencing. The world is simply quietly watching.”

Since December 6, when US President Donald Trump proclaimed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, 16 Palestinians have been executed by the Israeli armed force.

Musab’s executing, which is inconsequential to the oppositions against Trump makes him the primary Palestinian to be shot dead by Israeli authorities in 2018.

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