Myanmar journalist says his little girl farewell as he faces 14 years in jail

Myanmar journalist says his little girl farewell as he faces 14 years in jail for breaking Burmese Official Secrets Act

A journalist was seen saying farewell to his two-year-old girl outside a Myanmar court as he faces 14 years in jail for supposedly breaking the Official Secrets Act.

Journalists Kyaw Soe Oo, 27, and Wa Lone, 31, who both work for the Reuters news organization, were captured in Myanmar in December.

Arrest of Journalists:

The journalists had been arrested in Rakhine state, where 688,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled an armed force crackdown on rebels since late August, as per gauges by the United Nations.

They were captured after purportedly bearing “important secret documents” from the two officers, who they had never met.

Police looked for authorization from the country’s leader Htin Kyaw to continue with an examination only an hour after they were captured, a Yangon court heard on Tuesday.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Yu Naing of Yangon’s northern locale, told the court that authorisation was looked for that night from President Htin Kyaw’s office.

“The accused were captured around 9 o’clock, and the letter to ask authorization from the president’s office was prepared at 10 o’clock,” said conflict legal advisor Than Zaw Aung.

Another legal counselor, Khin Maung Zaw, said the authorisation speed was abnormal, and that it normally would be looked for about seven days into any trial and issued by a lower-positioned serve as opposed to the president.

Charge on Journalists:

The columnists have been charged under Section 3.1 (c) of the resolution, which covers entering denied places, and taking pictures or intelligence official reports that “may be or is expected to be, straightforwardly or in an indirect way, valuable to an opposition”.

The Ministry of Information has already referred to police as saying the two journalists were “captured for having vital and secret government records identified with Rakhine State and security powers”. It said they “wrongfully gained information with the goal to impart it to media”.

Wa Lone smiled and offered a go-ahead sign to the group, which included relatives, journalists and negotiators from no less than six nations and the United Nations and European Union. This incident tells the story of two man who were trying to get some state secrets. Situation in Myanmar is need of reporting but media is not effective in country.

Among a break, the journalists met his relatives and talked with them. Kyaw Soe Oo quickly hugged his two-year-old girl. Government authorities from a portion of the world’s different countries, including the US, Britain and Canada, and in addition top level UN authorities, have required the columnists to be liberated.

“We are disillusioned that, at least, they have still not been allowed defence,” the US government office in Yangon said on its Facebook page. “Their captures were very irregular and nobody in Myanmar. We call again for their discharge so they could be with their families and come back to their employments.”

Situation in Burma:

This is not the first case of capturing in Myanmar. There are several other problems in Myanmar and only media can highlight those problems. A free media reporting is what the world is looking for. Burmese government do not see the situation from the same angle. Their prospective maybe different from normal citizens of Myanmar. There is strong need of providing aid to these people as their basic human needs are not met. These people are being brutally killed. An ethnic cleansing of Burmese Muslims is something everybody knows. But not many people know about the situation actually going on in Myanmar, Burma.

Our aim is to bring out the accurate information and help these individuals in need. People in Myanmar are not only deprived of basic human needs but they are also deprived of their right to live. Ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Burma is going on from a long time now and there is need of strong action to provide aid to these people. We are collecting charity for the help of these people in Myanmar. We urge you to contribute to our noble cause and give us as much as you can in shape of donations. Our purpose at crisis aid is to help these people and provide them with shelter, food, medicines and medical attention.

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