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Crisis Aid was established in 2014. Our organisational structure consists of the trustees at the top who have overall responsibility for Crisis Aid. The trustees ensure that Crisis Aid pursues its stated objectives as defined in the governing document, they set the ethos, values and strategy.

The trustees provide leadership of the organisation and ensure that the organisation applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its charitable objects.

The trustees are a well-equipped team with experience and knowledge of running successful businesses and organisations.

  • Altaf Khan (Chair of Trustees)
  • Ahmed Al Nashash
  • Dr. Nural Islam
Senior Management

Our senior managers are responsible for the day to day running of Crisis Aid, reporting to the trustees on finance, developments, appeals, marketing and human resources. They are responsible for execution of all expenditure, presenting a strong and positive image of Crisis Aid to all its stakeholders, community relations and fundraising.

The management team is also responsible for developing the business aspects of Crisis Aid to make it sustainable. They are the interface between the trustees and the sub- committee, staff and volunteers. Amongst them they have a wealth of experience from different fields of management and have had experience running different charities.

  • Qadeer Baksh (CEO)
  • Khalid Ayaz (Administration Manager)

Crisis Aid staff are committed and full of energy and enthusiasm. Between them and the senior management they are able to process donations restricted and unrestricted, keep an accurate account of all donations and expenditure. The team prepare and promote all the appeals for the poor and needy around the world and bring to the attention of the public the plight of the suffering.

  • Sekanda Nasar (Marketing Manager)
  • Anas Alhjowj (Webmaster and Operation)
  • Sohail Ahmed (Admin Assistant)
Sub Committee

This committee have been with Crisis Aid since its inception. The role of the sub- committee Is to advise the senior management on policy and procedure, promote appeals and manage volunteers. They also have a role of community relations and preserving the reputation and image of Crisis Aid.

  • Usamah Himdy
  • Nasar Zia
  • Osman Mukhtar
  • Mahmood Shah
  • Firaz Mirza
  • Meherban Hussain
  • Touseef Tariq

Crisis Aid has a large group of volunteers that are a crucial part of the organisations success. The role volunteers play is integral to helping the poor and needy around the world. Without these selfless people doing what they do the organisation would not be able to meet its objective. Our volunteers bring with them a wide variety of experience to enhance and drive Crisis Aid forward. They give their time, wealth and health for the sake of the orphans, widows, poor and needy.

They make a difference to the world with their sacrifice. Crisis Aid is always open to new and returning volunteers.