Palestinians reject the US invite to Gaza ‘stakeholder’ conference:

Palestinian Authority official says a political arrangement is needed to the issue, not a humanitarian one. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has rejected an invite by the White House to go to a Gaza ‘stakeholders’ conference.

Background of the Conflict:

The ongoing conflict amongst Israel and the Palestinians are both easy to see, yet very confusing. At the core of this conflict is an essential thought that the two sides trust. The Israelis think that they are qualified for the land now known as Israel, while the Palestinians think that they are qualified for the land they call Palestine. Sadly, the two sides proclaim a similar land; they basically call the land by various names. For religious Jewish Israelis and religious Muslim Palestinians, the belief is more deep, for the two sides trust that God (called Jehovah by the Jews and Allah by the Muslims), gave them the land, and that to give it away or to surrender it to another individual is an insult to God and a wrongdoing.

The historical backdrop of the conflict is substantially more confusing than that straightforward clarification, however, the religious and chronicled differences are critical to this story. On another level, the purposes behind the nonstop battling are straightforward. They have been battling for more than 60 years, and each war, every death, each demonstration of warfare, just extend the contempt and the hesitance to surrender to the opposite side.

Palestinians reject the US invite:

Ahmad Majdalani told the Voice of Palestine radio on Friday that the PA would not go to the conference, saying that the issue in Gaza was “political par excellence”.

“The United States is very much aware that the genuine reason for the deplorability of the Gaza Strip is the out of line Israeli attack. What is needed is a political answer for this issue, not a humanitarian,” he said.

Jason Greenblatt, the assistant of the President Donald Trump, said that the conference on March 13 will be a meeting to generate new ideas committed to the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and to enhancing life in the attacked enclave.

“In light of the expanding humanitarian crisis in Gaza, important nations and stakeholders are getting ready to act: There was a meeting in Cairo on Thursday, and there will be a meeting to generate new ideas at the White House one week from now to discover real answers for the issues that Hamas has caused,” Greenblatt said on Thursday in a commentary in The Washington Post.

Gaza inhabitants keep on facing dangerous circumstances due to the barricade with water and power deficiencies and in addition an absence of pharmaceuticals and medical professionals unfit to perform surgeries.

The Israeli barricade of the involved Gaza Strip has been set up since June 2007, when Israel forced a land, ocean and air barricade on the zone after Hamas won battles in the enclave a year sooner.

Israel controls Gaza’s airspace and waters, and in addition two of the three border crossing areas; the third is controlled by Egypt.

Movement of individuals all through the Gaza Strip happens through the Beit Hanoun (referred to Israelis as Erez) crossing with Israel, and the Rafah crossing with Egypt.

Both Israel and Egypt have kept their outskirts to a great extent close and are in charge of further decomposing the effectively debilitated monetary and humanitarian conditions.

Israel permits entry through the Beit Hanoun crossing just in “exceptional humanitarian cases, with an accentuation on pressing medical cases”.

Effects of the War:

As the result of this ongoing war between two sides created a huge humanitarian crisis. Casualties are on the rise and from last few years, the conflict is reaching its peak point. Countless human lives are wasted over this land conflict. Both sides are facing serious damages to the human lives and the infrastructure. This ongoing war created a huge level humanitarian crisis and to handle the issue we are collecting help. Aid provision for these affected people is needed on an emergency basis. Crisis aid is doing its best to collect and disseminate aid for the people of Gaza. We urge you to contribute to our charity and help the needed people.

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