Press Release August 2020

As-salaam ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu

On the 30th June 2020 the CEO Qadeer Baksh was dismissed for gross misconduct including maladministration

In early March this year, some serious allegations against Mr Baksh were brought to the attention of the trustees who immediately suspended him and filed a serious incident report with the Charity Commission and launched a full investigation.

The investigation found that Mr Baksh abused his position to channel money to a company of which he was the beneficial owner. He also failed to inform the trustees of the true extent of his conflict of interest and dealings on behalf of the company.

The Charity is conducting a thorough review of all its internal governance systems to ensure this does not ever happen again.
The trustees would like to assure our generous donors and volunteers that we will always ensure that the integrity of the Charity is upheld, and the good works of the Charity continue.

Any enquiries about on-going projects that were previously being managed by Mr Qadeer Baksh are all now being handled by Crisis Aid Staff.

For all queries please contact: 01582 211 066

Board of Trustees
Crisis Aid 08/08/2020