Syria Faces Ongoing War:

Syria faces ongoing war:

Mother, does God cherish us?” asked Nour, a 6-year-old kid in the town of Erbin, Syria. Nour was frightened and unfit to rest. Her mother embraced her and her sister in the storm cellar of their building.

In assaulted Ghouta, a territory significantly smaller than Chicago on the eastern border of Damascus, several airstrikes, surface-to-surface rocket assaults and big bombs have poured down from Syrian war machines. No less than 400 individuals have been slaughtered and 1,800 harmed, as per the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The world abandoned Syria:

There is a feeling that the world has abandoned the Syrians. The United Nations measures that a large portion of a million Syrians has been slaughtered. One-fourth of the populace are outcasts, and 6.1 million are internally displaced. Urban areas have been wrecked and compound weapons have been utilized in excess of 180 times, as per the Syrian Network for Human Rights. Syrians are stuck in damnation. Fifteen Syrian evacuees trying to cross the border were discovered frozen to death in northern Lebanon, among them three kids, the U.N. detailed. All nations near to Syria have secured their borders.

The world reaction is to look the other way. The United Nations Security Council on Thursday bombed even to pass a determination for a 30-day humanitarian truce in Ghouta. The Russian agent said that “it was not realistic.”

Ghouta has been under attack since 2012 by powers controlled by Syrian President Bashar Assad and the Iranian volunteer army. The United Nations organizations in charge of humanitarian aid were hindered by Assad’s government from entering the assaulted territory. A similar way they were obstructed from entering beforehand blockaded territories in Aleppo, Homs, Moadamiya, Daraya, and Zabadani. ACAPS, an autonomous group that gathers information about humanitarian emergencies, measures that around 400,000 individuals live under attack, and 70 per cent of them are ladies, youngsters, and senior citizens. As per the U.N., the level of serious lack of healthy food among Ghouta’s children is the gravest since the start of the crisis and more terrible than that of sub-Saharan Africa.

The situation in Syria:

There are just 110 doctors, among them, 40 medical students, left to serve the whole populace in Ghouta. Among them, there are just a single neurosurgeon and two vascular specialists. Dr. Alzeir. I was also revealed by people that medical attendants and dental practitioners are performing surgeries due to the lack of specialists. Nongovernmental medical associations are not permitted into Ghouta. A couple of daring associations, for example, the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations, have been supporting clinics by sending life-sparing medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and resources. In excess of 22 doctor’s facilities and medical centre were shelled inside a couple of days, a strategy routinely utilized by the Syrian administration to obliterate non-military personnel to drive the populace to surrender. As indicated by Physicians for Human Rights, in excess of 480 clinics have been besieged in Syria since the start of the conflict in 2011.

Doctors, including Dr Alzeir and his partners, have been arguing with the universal group to ensure clinics and uphold the Geneva Conventions. They have been engaging for a break in the attack and an end to the gas assaults.

Dr Alzeir said: “Stop the bombarding, permit food and treat the patients.”

At a current prayer vigil at St. Paul’s Chapel in New York City, arranged by the Syria Faith Initiative, a system of assorted and concerned leaders, the Rev. Nicholas Sooy, chief of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship, said, “I give it a second thought and you ought to likewise mind. We need to stop the besieging. Everybody ought to ask himself, ‘What might Jesus do?’ “The appropriate response is that he would not terminate.

Dr Zaher Sahloul, a doctor at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, is president and prime supporter of MedGlobal, a philanthropic association of medical volunteers that gives free medicinal services in a fiasco and underserved zones.

There is a need for immediate medical and food aid for the people suffering in Syria. We at crisis aid are delivering food, medical, shelter and all other basic facilities for these people. We urge you to contribute to the noble cause and help us as much as you can.

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