Syria war: Air strikes in Eastern Ghouta killed 500 Civilians

Government Syria has killed 500 civilians within seven days of serious bombardment of a revolutionary enclave near Damascus. The casualties in the Eastern Ghouta incorporate 121 kids, says the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based group inspecting the conflict.

Syrian government backed by Russia have been bombarding the zone since last Sunday. The UN Security Council is attempting to acknowledge to a truce determination. A vote has been deferred a few times since Thursday, and a committee meeting is underway.

What is the situation in the Eastern Ghouta?

On Saturday, the Syrian Observatory said no less than 29 regular citizens were killed, incorporating 17 in the main town, Douma – bringing the aggregate to more than 500 for the week.

The meeting said the strikes were being done by both Syrian and Russian planes – in spite of the fact that Russia denies any contribution.

Barrel bombs and shell fires have been dropped on the region, where around 393,000 individuals stay trapped. Help groups report a few hospitals being attacked since Sunday.

The government of Syria has denied aiming at citizens and said it is attempting to free the Eastern Ghouta from “rebels and terrorists” – a term it has used to depict both the jihadist antagonists and the standard revolutionary groups that hold the enclave.

The killing of citizens in Syria has frightened the world as there is no help available for these citizens. Conditions there have been portrayed as “dreadful” by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Why has the truce proved to be elusive?

The Security Council has been debating a resolution requiring a 30-day peace to take into consideration for the provision of help in Syria.

In any case, Russia is looking for changes. Under the current draft, any truce would not have any significant bearing on the Islamic State groups, or the Nusra Front.

Moscow says it must go further and block different groups “co-working with them” and which have shelled Damascus. Western representatives have blamed Russia for slowing down for time.

They presume that Moscow needs to give Syria time to bargain the last hit to authorities protecting the enclave on the edge of Damascus.

On Friday evening US President Donald Trump pointed the finger of accuse to Syria and its partners, Russia and Iran, for the humanitarian crisis.

Who are these rebels?

The rebels in Eastern Ghouta are not one strong group. They are comprised of different groups, including jihadists, and in-fighting between them has encouraged past loses ground to the government of Syria.

The two big groups in the territory are Jaish al-Islam and its opponent Faylaq al-Rahman. The last has in the past battled close by the jihadist amass Hayat Tahrir al-Sham – an organization composed of groups drove by the Nusra Front, which came into existence from al-Qaeda.

The Syrian government is trying to recover the region since it says the rebels are specifically jeopardizing the capital.

Eastern Ghouta is close to the point that it is practical for rebels to fire into the center of the city of Damascus, which has additionally provoked common citizen deaths.

Syrian state media said rebels have killed no less than 16 citizens in eastern areas of the city since Sunday.

These humanitarian crisis are due to the government of Syria. There are regular citizens who are in danger not only in Eastern Ghouta but all around the country Syria. The need of immediate help to these helpless people is increasing day by day. Only in past one week, 500 people lost their lives to this conflict.

We at Crisis Aid doing our best to help these people at every cost. We make it possible to deliver food, water, medicine, shelter and all needed basic facilities to them. Our aim here is to help humanity and support the people of Syria to survive this catastrophe. We appeal you to join our cause and contribute as much as you can.

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