Syrian Government Takes Control of Half of Eastern Ghouta

Forces faithful to the Syrian government have apparently taken a large portion of the Eastern Ghouta. It is the last rebel-held enclave near the capital Damascus.

“Government of Syria takes control over half of Ghouta,” Rami Abdel Rahman, leader of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, disclosed to AFP news.

Air strikes slaughtered no less than 20 individuals as troops and tanks progressed. In New York, the UN Security Council held a meeting to talk about the failure of a truce it had requested a week ago.

It passed a resolution on 24 February requesting a 30-day ceasefire crosswise over Syria yet the government and its key partners say it doesn’t matter to the rebels groups which are holding the enclave.

A UN escort was permitted to provide help to the enclave on Monday yet left without emptying the greater part of its trucks as shelling and firing started.

No less than 850 individuals are slaughtered as a hostile against the Eastern Ghouta, which is home to around 393,000 individuals, started on 18 February. Most casualties are kids.

What is the most recent on the fighting?

As indicated by the Observatory, 62 individuals were killed in Wednesday’s attacks. The Ghouta Media Center announced more than 20 deaths.

Syrian government officers and their partners keep on bombing the enclave in order to kill rebels. Another town in the enclave, Beit Sawa, is supposedly now under full government control, with many occupants escaping to Douma, the enclave’s biggest town.

“We got away Beit Sawa to come here, under the bombs,” one of them, Abu Qassem, told AFP. “The situation is deadly. We have no garments. Nothing to change into. No food.”

Adnan, 30, a Douma inhabitant who has been hiding underground with his wife and a two-year-old girl, disclosed to Reuter’s news organization by phone: “It’s terrible in the storm cellar however it’s better than bombing.”

Rebel groups in Ghouta denied Beit Sawa had been seized, as per the Kumait news office, which is associated with Jaysh al-Islam Islamist fighters.

What is being done to stop the savagery?

Ali al-Za’tari, the UN philanthropic co-ordinator in Syria, spoke to the government in a letter to watch the truce and enable medical supplies to be conveyed, Reuter’ reports.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, said government claims it was “taking each measure to ensure its regular citizens were safe”.

Meanwhile, the truce requested by the UN is not fully affective. People are still being killed while the truce is implemented. Bombing from Syrian Government or Rebel groups are not stopping any significant amount of individuals are being killed at the time of aid provision.

UN and other humanitarian organizations like Crisis Aid are trying their best to convey the help to the needy people of Syria. All they need is the proper implementation of truce. The ceasefire is the only option which can ensure the proper delivery of the food and medical supplies to these people.

Syrian government powers have seized a big area from rebels in the rural areas of Damascus. Adequately separating the attacked enclave of eastern Ghouta in two and further defeating rebels and the huge number of regular citizens caught inside. The crusade has so far left no less than 800 regular citizens dead.

The state-partnered al-Ikhbariya TV station on Wednesday communicate live shots from the locale, showing thick smoke excelling the town as blasts and rockets could be heard flying overhead. Syrian state media said troops took control of the town of Beit Sawa and the vast majority of Misraba, both revolutionary held groups in the core of the enclave.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights checking group said that by sunset Syrian government troops and associated volunteer armies had seized half of the enclave held by rebels in eastern Ghouta and split the enclave into two parts, a north and southern part.

By cutting the domain, the Syrian government prevails with regards to disjoining supply courses and crushing further the rebels inside.

The British-based Observatory, which screens the war through a system of campaigners on the ground, said 40 individuals were killed in the bombing on Wednesday.

Crisis aid is doing its best to convey the help to these affected people and needs your help in their noble cause. Contribute your part to the charity and help these poor people of Syria.

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