Standing Order

1. Support Crisis Aid

Crisis Aid is always in need of additional funding for life-changing projects. Without input from our supporters, we would not be able to continue our vital work. To run an organisation of this kind is a huge responsibility. This work is a trust, which Crisis Aid will have to answer for to Allah, lord of the worlds. We take this trust that you have placed in us very seriously and strive our utmost to fulfil all the promises we make.

Many of our donors who support our work choose to donate to our general fund, which allows us to use their donation wherever it’s needed most. Unrestricted income such as this allows us to respond most effectively to the needs of people we work with, and also allows us to use a portion of the funds to help administer the life-saving projects.

If you prefer, you may also choose to support a project, campaign, or appeal specifically and we have a wide range of them suitable for such a support. It is easy for you to choose to fund areas of our work that you feel most closely match your charitable aims, or that you feel most compassion towards.

1. Benefits of supporting Crisis Aid:
  • We reach out to the poor and needy where other charities are unable to reach.
  • We are on the ground delivering your aid ourselves or with local partners.
  • All our stakeholders recognise the quality of our work.
  • Our projects are run by local people for local people, are transparent and have measurable benefits for people’s lives.
  • Over the past year we have helped save and improved lives of thousands of hard to reach and marginalised people.
  • By supporting us you will be helping to reach even more people.
1. Support us with just £3 a month

Just £3 a month can help us administer our life saving work. To set up a standing order of £3 a month please click here. If you would like to consider supporting Crisis Aid but need more information, please contact us on 01582 211 066 or email us at [email protected]