The team at Crisis Aid consists of the CEO, admin officer, marketing office, warehouse manager – each one of them who is a specialist in their field, bringing a wealth of experience to the humanitarian sector.

But it must be mentioned that it is our fantastic team of selfless volunteers, who actually do most of the work.

Crisis Aid strives to keep all its running costs as low as possible without compromising the quality of our service all the while upholding the regulations set by the charities commission. We strive to make 90 per cent of your donations to get to the poor and needy.

90p of each pound you donate goes towards the appeals you choose, 4p goes towards getting your donations to were it needs to go and 6p goes towards support and running costs.

The charity’s administrative costs are covered by:

• 6p from each pound you donate
• Donations specified for support and running costs
• Money earned from recycling projects
• Specific fundraisers for Crisis Aid
• Tax reclaimed from your donation (where specified) from the UK government’ Gift Aid scheme. Any surplus is used for appeals.

100% Donations Projects

Crisis Aid does from time to time run appeals where 100% of your donation will go to the poor and needy. Contact us to find out more about these appeals.