‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “Providing water”’. (Abu Dawud)

Bangladesh Water Well

Bangladesh Water Well

Access to clean water can transform the lives of the whole community. Community water wells can serve more than 1,000 people. They are often located in arid areas where water is particularly scarce.

Option 1. Electric Water Well £1000 Depth 125-150 Feet
Option 2. Manual Water Well £800 Depth 500-600 Feet
Option 3. Manual Water Well £600 Depth 300-400 Feet

All of our water wells and pumps have an ongoing maintenance contract. A staff member or volunteer will travel with the well/water pump engineers to inspect them on a yearly basis. Any faults identified will be rectified. Insha-Allah this will ensure your Sadaqah Jariyah will continue for many years to come.

Note: The time it takes to complete a water project varies due to country, terrain, season and logistics. Most water projects are complete in 1-3 months. However due to reasons mentioned this can exceed 6 months.


What Happens Next


Our teams survey an area that will be most beneficial to those who need water


The construction work begins and project is completed in a timely manner


You will receive a report with photos including location so you can visit your project at anytime.