Palestine Food Parcels

Palestine Food Parcels

Gaza is witnessing another huge bombing campaign with thousands fleeing their homes.

Crisis Aid has direct access to those who have fled the recent bombings. We aim to help them stay alive by providing them with food.

One food parcel costs £30 and contains:

3 litre cooking oil, 3 cans of beans, 3 kilo sugar, 1 jar Tahini, 1 kilo lentils, 1 kilo macaroni, 1 kilo rice, 400g Halwa, 720g Jam, 2 tomatoe sauce cans, 1 box tea bags, 2 feta cheese, 3 triangle cheese, 1 carton eggs, 1 kilo cheese, 1 can olive oil, 1 kilo chick peas, 1 kilo mortadella