Masjid in Pakistan

Masjid Construction Cost is £6,550

A masjid is not just a place for daily prayers. It is used as a school for children to learn the Quran and about Islam.

It’s an important meeting place for a community, helping people discuss issues, plan their livelihoods, get married, and somewhere to cool off from the heat of the midday sun.

  • Masjid Construction Cost is £6,550
How do we select the location for a project?

We get many requests for building schools and masjids. We review the request and check for suitability e.g. building a new masjid close by another masjid may not be suitable. If a school/classroom is being requested, we determine if there are enough children in the area.

When we have an active donor, our ground team will revaluate our approved request list and then make a site visit to determine nal suitability.

Who owns the land?
We determine land ownership as part of the feasibility process, to ensure the land belongs either to the community or the headteacher making the request.
Who pays the salary for the Imam and teachers?

We operate turnkey projects, meaning once the building is completed, we will hand it over to the requesting party.

They are then responsible for managing their running costs. You can donate towards salary costs as this will help the community, however, it is not a mandatory requirement.

Are there any maintenance costs?
We use hard wearing products such as floor tiles and wipeable oil paints , however all buildings, particularly with constant use, will require maintenance. Examples are repainting the building every couple of years, pumping the sewage tanks if toilets are constructed, replacing batteries and panels for solar systems. You can donate towards the maintenance costs as this will keep your donated building in good condition, however, it is not a mandatory requirement.
How long is the build process?
Normally around 3 to 6 months from the donation. Factors that may affect this time are the number of buildings in the construction queue ahead of yours, Ramadan (physical work slows down) and heavy rains which can cause accessibility issues for delivery vehicles. We will keep you updated if any delays are encountered.
Can I visit my donated Masjid?
Absolutely. We encourage you to take an active and ongoing interest in your completed project. Please contact us and we can help arrange a visit. We ask that you do not arrange any trips yourself, particularly to schools where safeguarding procedures need to be respected.

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