Eastern Ghouta Emergency Appeal

Eastern Ghouta Emergency Appeal

Ghouta is the eastern province of Syria’s capital city Damascus. It has been fiercely contested by both sides in the conflict leading to its near total destruction and unprecedented levels of suffering for 350,000 inhabitants who are unable to flee under the threat of constant shelling and bombardment. The ensuing siege of Eastern Ghouta has resulted in the prohibition of food, medicine, clean water and the basic necessities of life from reaching people inside who are dying from starvation, disease and lack of medical help.

This siege has caused the deaths of thousands of children from malnutrition and women are losing their new born babies due to no breast milk.UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad Al Hussein said recent images of malnourished children were a “frightening indication of the plight of people in Eastern Ghouta, who are now facing a humanitarian emergency”.

The UN children’s agency, Unicef, said 232 children were suffering from severe acute malnutrition, with two infants reported to have died in the past month. One of them was 34-day-old Sahar Dofdaa, photographs of whom were published recently.Crisis Aid has seen witness accounts from people inside Eastern Ghouta that confirm that people have not eaten for 9 days, others have not eaten for 6 days and others for 4. The very little food available is too expensive to purchase and residents are unable to source fuel to cook or keep themselves warm.

Crisis Aid is appealing to everyone who reads this message to help alleviate the suffering of these people. Our trusted partners in Turkey, Jordon and Lebanon will ensure that your donations reach these people inside Eastern Ghouta and alleviate their hunger.£50 will feed one family for one month so please donate generously and sponsor one, two or three families. May Allah reward you all.