When you deliberately miss or break your fast during the month of Ramadan.

What is Kaffarah?

Kaffarah is a form of compensation for a sin that is committed. Kaffarah can be paid for many different sins....

What is Kafaarat Yameen?

Breaking of an oath (Kafaarat Yameen). Oath is only permissible if it has been taken with Allah’s name. Taking oath...

How much is Kaffarah?

The cost paid for breaking a single fast is to feed 60 poor people per fast missed or a fast...

When must Kaffarah be paid?

There is no time limit to pay Kaffarah but it should be paid as soon as possible. Preferably to pay...

Is there a time limit on paying Kaffarah?

If the Kaffarah is due, it will not be lifted or expire until it has been fulfilled. There is no...

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