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Kashmir Water Well

Kashmir Water Well

Kashmir Water Well

Access to clean water can transform the lives of entire communities. A well in Kashmir can serve up to 200 people, providing access to clean water for drinking, washing and cooking, as well as keeping livestock hydrated. On average, these wells serve around 35 families, depending on their location.

These wells are ideal for families who rely on agriculture and farming. The wells have mechanical hand pumps and draw water from up to 40 metres beneath the ground making them dependable during all seasons.

The cost is very low when you look at the huge benefits you can bring to humanity. This is also a method of sadaqah jariyah (continuous reward for you even after you depart from this dunya).

Anas bin Malik reports that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Seven deeds that their reward is still written for a person even after he dies in his grave; a knowledge taught to others, fixing a river, digging a well, planting a tree, building a masjid or having a child that makes dua for him.” {Saheeh al Targheeb}

One water well in Kashmir will cost £1,300 to build. If you cannot donate for one complete water well, then you can also donate for a part share of a water well.

Please donate by clicking the donation button below.

Please note if you part donate then it could take some time for the water well to be built, as we have to wait for other donations to complete the cost.