Your sacrifice will help to ensure that disadvantaged people here in the UK are not forgotten. You can put a little happiness back into their lives and give them an Eid to remember by donating your sacrifice locally this year!


As well as observing the Sunnah of Ibrahim (AS), Qurbani is also a means of looking after the vulnerable and underprivileged at the time of Eid-ul-Adha. Your Qurbani in Luton will be distributed to poor families – the people who need it most during these difficult times.


Crisis Aid has teamed up with a local supplier who will help us provide high-quality fresh meat to families and individuals in Luton, who are facing difficulties, so that they know they are not forgotten at the happy time of Eid.


At Crisis Aid, we provide life-saving support to people living in poverty across the world – and we never forget those in need right on our doorsteps, either.


The meat from Qurbani should be divided in three equal parts – 1/3 for the home, 1/3 for relatives and friends and 1/3 for the poor and needy.


We will deliver your Qurbani meat to your house, so that you can enjoy this delicious meat over Eid and celebrate knowing that those less fortunate can also participate in this.


You can list the names of the people you are giving Qurbani on behalf of in the notes section during the donation checkout process.


You can list names of people you are giving Qurbani on behalf of in the box above.

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