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Pakistan Emergency Appeal 2022 Crisis Donate Now Appeal


Pakistan is currently experiencing the worst natural disaster in over a decade.

The most current reports indicate over 1000 people have lost their lives.

Thirty million people have been affected by the floods, many have lost homes and livestock.

The problem is predicted to get worse as a stronger downpour approaches. Those who have gone to higher ground will be much more at risk if they don’t have access to emergency medical care, food, clean water and proper shelter.

Crisis Aid is providing the following vital aid.

Zakat applicable

* Waterproof tent
* Food parcel for a family of 6 for a month
* Cooking stove with gas
* Water cooler 12L capacity
* Mosquito nets
* Winter jackets
* Winter socks
* Winter gloves
* Winter floor sheets
* Winter double ply double blankets
* Winter wrap around sheets (chaadar)

Please give generously and let us help our brothers and sisters in their time of need

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