Rohingya Refugee Water Pump

Rohingya Refugee Water Pump

Rohingya Refugee Water Pump

The average person drinks between 5-9 glasses of water per day. Unfortunately for many around the world, even a drop of water is a luxury they cannot afford.

Hundreds of thousands of people called the Rohingya have been fleeing the genocide against them
In Myanmar and have become displaced in neighbouring Bangladesh, where they lack the essentials of life, especially water.

The acute lack of water means that the little water available is shared amongst tens of thousands of refugees increasing the risks of contamination and the spread of water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea. Every year over 3 million people die from these water bourn diseases around the world.

The UNCHR’s public health officer Hervé Isambert has warned that “An outbreak can start at anytime.”

Our Rohingya Muslim brothers and sisters are still not safe in Bangladesh and so it is essential that we help them with more water sources to help sustain their shattered lives and avert an impending disaster.

Help Crisis Aid in providing water pumps to the displaced Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. It costs just £250 to provide 1 water pump that will provide water for thousands of thirsty refugees every day.

The Prophet (peace be upon him)
said: the best charity is water.