The Prophet, upon him be peace, said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

Winter Appeal

Syrian Refugees Winter Appeal

This winter, help us #KeepSyriaWarm by providing warmth and comfort to Syrian refugees throughout the coldest months of the year

Winter is the toughest time of the year for Syrian refugees who are internally displaced, as the low temperatures make all their daily struggles, even more challenging. Many internally displaced families are residing in tents, not built to survive the harsh weather conditions that come with winter.

You can donate

Survival Pack (Blanket, Set of clothes, Mattress, Hygiene pack, Heater + 10KG Coal) For £50.



Winter Survival Pack

Family Survival Pack

Heater Pack

Mother & Baby Pack

Help Crisis Aid save lives this winter

History of our work last year

Last winter, we were able to help over 90,000 people keep warm and well-nourished, providing them with food, firewood, warm clothing, blankets, and heaters to stay warm throughout the cold months. This year, you can help even more families by donating a winter survival pack.