1 pair of gloves and hat £3.00
3 pairs of gloves and hats £9.00
5 pairs of gloves and hats £15.00
10 pairs of gloves and hats £30.00
15 pairs of gloves and hats £45.00

As winter fast approaches, the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, Crisis Aid is once again helping the young and vulnerable!

We here at Crisis Aid understand the difficulties that Lutonians feel, with the cost of living and other hardships families face across the town.

Once again Crisis Aid will donate brand new hats and gloves to schools for children, as we did last year.

We have received an incredible response this year, so we will be donating more than 800 pairs of gloves and hats to children in Luton schools.

Please continue to support Crisis Aid in ensuring that no child in Luton feels the bite this winter.


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