Addressing the Escalating Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen: A Dire Need for Support

The humanitarian situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate amidst an ongoing conflict that has decimated the economy, crippled social services, and severely disrupted livelihoods. With over 17 million individuals uncertain about their next meal, Yemen faces the largest humanitarian crisis globally. According to the 2018 Humanitarian Needs Overview, an estimated 22.2 million people, or 75% of the population, require some form of humanitarian aid, including 11.3 million in acute need—an increase of more than one million people since June 2017. The direst needs exist in areas experiencing active conflict or those with large numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and returnees.

The crisis has pushed 8.4 million people to the brink of famine, marking a 24% increase since 2017. About 7.5 million individuals need nutritional support, including 1.8 million children and 1.1 million pregnant women facing severe malnourishment. Alarmingly, five governorates exceed the World Health Organization’s crisis threshold for acute malnutrition rates.

This assessment does not account for the additional needs created by the November 2017 blockade imposed by the Saudi-led Coalition on commercial imports to Red Sea ports, nor does it reflect the needs arising from intense fighting in Sana’a at the start of December.

A Glimpse into the Past Year’s Struggles

Over the last 30 months, 10% of all Yemenis have been displaced due to the conflict. Civilians have paid a heavy price, with countless protection needs emerging from violations of International Humanitarian Law and children’s rights. From October 2016 to September 2017, nearly 8,900 conflict-related incidents were reported across Yemen.

The prolonged violence has precipitated an economic downfall, exacerbating vulnerabilities, eroding community resilience, and accelerating the collapse of public institutions. Restrictions related to security have hampered imports and the movement of goods, leading to significant workforce layoffs.

Hindered Access to Essential Services

Only half of the health facilities in 16 governorates are operational, yet the demand for medical supplies is ever-increasing. An estimated 16.4 million people require assistance, with 9.3 million in acute need.

The Ground Reality in Yemen

The population faces a lack of food, water, clothing, and shelter, with basic needs unmet, leading to a halt in education for two million children. Between March 2015 and November 2017, out of 16,000 schools, approximately 256 were destroyed, 1,413 were partially damaged, and 150 were occupied by IDPs or armed groups.

The disruption of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) systems due to fuel shortages or lack of maintenance has left about 16 million people in need of assistance to access safe water and sanitation facilities. This has contributed to a cholera outbreak with over one million suspected cases in 2017. Moreover, around 5.4 million people require emergency shelter or basic household items.

Urgent Call for Support

The people of Yemen are in desperate need of food, clean water, medical aid, and secure shelter. Their safety and well-being hang in the balance, making this the most severe humanitarian crisis witnessed in recent times. Crisis Aid is dedicated to providing vital assistance to those affected in Yemen, but we need your help to continue our efforts. Your donations can make a significant difference in the lives of those suffering in Yemen. By contributing to our cause, you can help us provide essential supplies and support to those in dire need. Please consider donating to our charity today and be a part of the solution to one of the most pressing humanitarian challenges of our time.



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