‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “Providing water”’. (Abu Dawud)

Yemen Water Well

Yemen Water Well

Yemen Water Well

Yemen is one of the most water-stressed countries in the world. In fact, some experts warn that it could be the first country to run out of usable water and that this could occur within a decade, Cholera is already spread across many areas of the country due to a lack of clean freshwater.

Cost £2800
Depth – Up to 260 feet

A solar water well in Yemen will mean: Reliable access to safe, clean water means that can be used for drinking, cooking, washing, watering crops etc

Note: The time it takes to complete a water project varies due to country, terrain, season and logistics. Most water projects are complete in 3-6 months. However due to reasons mentioned this can exceed 6 months.


What Happens Next


Our teams survey an area that will be most beneficial to those who need water


The construction work begins and project is completed in a timely manner


You will receive a report with photos including location so you can visit your project at anytime.