Luton To Yemen Container 2018/19

Luton To Yemen Container 2018/19

Items Needed For Men, Women And Children (New And Used Winter Clothes)

1- Jumpers, Socks, Thermals, Scarves, Jackets, Jeans, Baby Clothes, Baby Shoes, Baby Blankets, Shoes, Blankets + Duvets, Underwear (NEW)
2- Flour, Rice, Pasta, Oats, Chick Peas, Tinned Food, Fava Beans, Soup, Tinned Tomatoes, Lentils, kidney Beans, Oil

Crisis Aid Head Office
Unit 21, Progress Park
Ribocon Way
Luton, LU4 9UR

Help Us Cover The Cost Of Sending The Container

Maximise Your Rewards This Ramadan

Feeding Aleppo

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