Kashmir Food Parcel

Kashmir Food Parcel

Kashmir Food Parcels

There are many poor and needy people in all parts of Kashmir. Some do not have the ability to give their children an education or even bring one meal to the table for their families. Though they may live amongst the rich and middle class, they suffer hunger like many in Sindh provinces and other countries where poverty is rife.

Many of the poor also reside in the mountainous regions and close to Indian occupied Kashmir, labouring daily for a wage which does not bring a well balanced, nutritional diet to the family.

Crisis aid is on the ground providing much needed food for these destitute people. Join us in feeding them by purchasing food parcels which we will distribute on your behalf. Purchase as many food parcels as possible to feed a family of six for one month. Our food parcels contain the staple diet and requirements of the local people. Each food parcel contains the following:

  • 20kg rice
  • 20kg flour
  • 5 kg oil
  • 5 kg sugar
  • 1 kg tea
  • 9 kg mix of lentils and kidney beans
  • 1 bag salt
  • 1 pack of soap/sanitary towels