Somalia – The Drought Returns

Global warming continues to cause devastation across the globe – with the recent drought in Somalia causing the country to become its victim once again. The UNHCR has warned that more than two million Somalis are at risk of starvation unless they receive immediate emergency aid. As a response Crisis Aid endeavours to be on the ground fast to help those in need. Donations to our Africa food parcel appeal will get our work started immediately. Our dedicated team of volunteers pledge to get these food parcels to the most vulnerable and remotely placed people. These parcels include nutritious local food items and contain enough food to sustain a family for up to one month.

Lack of rains across East Africa over the last few months have caused crop failure across the region, affecting Somalia badly. This latest drought has come just as the country was starting to recover from a year long one in 2017 which left over one million people internally displaced. Abnormally hot dry conditions followed by the failed “long rains” has caused widespread crop failure and accelerated decline in livestock productivity, rapidly pushing communities in the worst-affected areas into food insecurity. The worst areas hit by the drought include the Sanaag, Sool, Galgadud and Hiran regions of the country.

This current drought has already caused much devastation through Somalia. Since the beginning of this year it has forced nearly 50,000 people to flee their homes in search for food, water and work in urban areas. It can only be imagined the conditions these displaced people are surviving in, especially as food and water are already scarce in the towns and cities they end up in. The situation is only set to get worse in Somalia as it is estimated that nearly 5.4 million people will be food insecure by July.

In a situation like this access to clean water for the victims is crucial, as not only will it save lives, but it will support livelihoods including sustaining livestock and crops which Somalis desperately rely on. Crisis Aid can provide vital water aid through our  Africa water tanker campaign.

The Guardian reports that the failed rainy season was partly caused by cyclones in the southern Indian Ocean, including Cyclone Idai in March, which stopped rains from moving north. Our previous reports on Cyclone Idai, Bangladesh and now Somalia have only confirmed that global warming is one of the most serious international issues which must be dealt with immediately by world leaders, as eventually it will affect every single one of us on the planet.

Of course, it is not only climatic issues which has left Somalia so vulnerable – armed conflict, protracted and continuous displacement as well as lack of basic amenities such as easily accessible medical facilities and education also contribute to its humanitarian emergency. A combination of these issues has left 2.6 million Somalis internally displaced.

We all have a duty to respond to issues related to global warming, especially as most of the victims tend to be children and old people. Help us now to support vulnerable people in Somalia and please consider donating your zakat to these appeals as they are eligible for this too.

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